Technical Bulletins

Chemistries and Product Usage
Can antibacterial wipes spread superbugsPortable Document Format (711 KB)
Excerpt: As Gareth Williams the lead researcher for the study stated We found the most effective way to prevent the risk of MRSA spread in hospital wards is to ensure the wipe is used only once on one surface . This should not come as a shock to anyone. Best practices for infection control recommend exactly this and this is how we train our Environmental Services staff


Calculating Product Concentrations Portable Document Format (360 KB)
Excerpt: To ensure optimal cleaning or disinfection it is important that products are used at the dilution ratio specified on the product label. From time to time Public Health or Infection Control may request that the dilution control systems be tested to confirm the products are being diluted appropriately so it is important to know how to calculate Use Dilution concentration.
Cleaning in Healthcare Facilities: Reducing Human Health Effects and Environmental Impacts Portable Document Format (770 KB)
Excerpt: Without a doubt, the frequent and thorough use of cleaning and disinfectant products garners the need for safer and greener alternatives. However, any decision to switch to an alternative should not be made without careful consideration.


Efficacy of Improved Hydrogen Peroxide against Important Healthcare-Associated Pathogens Portable Document Format (850 KB)
Excerpt: Standard HP is one of the oldest disinfectants, but as the study highlights does have limitations. Improved hydrogen peroxide products such as Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP) although relatively new to the US healthcare market has shown time and time again that it is a superior technology that provides an exceptional level of disinfection at a faster rate, is safe to use, and is environmentally sustainable.
Evaluation of different disinfectants on the performance of glucose meters Portable Document Format (701 KB)
Excerpt: A memo identifying the concerns for the potential of a negative reaction with Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP) disinfectants and the test strips of the Lifescan Sure Step Glucometers has recently been shared through a North American Patient Safety Listserv. The following bulletin has been drafted with the intention of providing concerned users with the most correct information. pg. 2


Importance of Contact Times for Disinfectants Portable Document Format (854 KB)
Excerpt: For disinfection to occur, it is important for a product to keep the surface wet for the entire disinfection contact time as noted on the label in order to achieve the claimed disinfection activity Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide was the only chemistry that was able to achieve disinfection using the drying time regardless of contact time.
PH is it an appropriate indicator of product safety  Portable Document Format (718 KB)
Excerpt: The pH is relevant, because it shows us if the solution is acidic, neutral or alkaline but a pH value alone is not the sole indicator in determining the strength of different types of acids.
Quality Control is Indispensible for Automated Dilution Systems with Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide Portable Document Format (555 KB)
Excerpt: As disinfectants are more widely used throughout healthcare facilities, so too are automated dilution control systems for quick and efficient dispensing of the chemicals. Although these systems are typically highly accurate, their use does not replace the need to implement quality control measures to monitor proper dilution.
Environmental Sustainability & Occupational Health
Lab disinfectant harms mouse fertility Portable Document Format (690 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc.
This study revealed that mass amount of QUAT buildup in animal cages was leading to the mouse fertility problems experienced by a research lab
Canadian Government to Ban or Restrict Toxic Chemicals Portable Document Format (796 KB)
Excerpt: With the introduction of Canada's stronger stance on chemicals, Health Care facilities that are currently using quats, phenols, ortho-phthaladehyde or glutaraldehydes will be reviewing the chemicals they use and looking for safer and sustainable alternatives. The proven health and safety profile of AHP and SHP solutions will make these products a perfect alternative.
Efficacy of Green Cleaning Products with Respect to Common Respiratory Viruses and Mold Growth Portable Document Format (724 KB)
Excerpt: While mechanical cleaning with a GCP may physically remove harmful pathogens from a surface, effective control against the spread of infection truly requires the use of EPA or DIN registered disinfectants.
General Infection Control
Multi-Drug Resistant Candida auris Portable Document Format (734 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc.
Excerpt: "Candida auris is an emerging multi-drug resistant yeast that poses a global health threat. Known for causing serious and sometimes fatal fungal infections in hospitalized patients, this yeast does not respond to commonly used antifungal drugs, making infections difficult to treat."
Effects of mandatory continuing education related to infection control on the infection control practices of dental hygienists Portable Document Format (734 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc.
Excerpt: "compliance with infection control recommendations and requirements is critical to the delivery of quality dental care and necessary to ensure the safety of both patients and clinicians in the dental setting"
Antibiotic & Antimicrobial Stewardship: Disinfectants are Ongoing Focus of
Sensitivity, Resistance Debate
 Portable Document Format (734 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc.
Excerpt: "Given the growing problem of antibiotic resistance, environmental cleaning and disinfection can play an important role in helping to prevent the spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria. As such, there is a growing body of evidence to demonstrate the effectiveness of environmental cleaning and disinfection as part of multimodal strategies to reduce pathogen transmission, prevent healthcare associated infections (HAIs), and improve patient outcomes."
Risk of Infection in the Use of Flotation Tanks Portable Document Format (734 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc.
Excerpt: "In recent years, the recreational use of flotation tanks has grown in popularity as a form of stress reduction. The risk of infection in the use of
flotation tanks emphasizes the importance of practicing proper routine cleaning and disinfection."
Selection of the Ideal Disinfectant​ Portable Document Format (734 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc.
Excerpt: "This Disinfectant Digest reviews the 5 key criteria that should be used when evaluating disinfectant products to make a holistic decision on the chemicals used on a daily basis."
Understanding the Essentials of UV Light Portable Document Format (802 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc.
Excerpt: "This Disinfectant Digest reviews how UV light technologies can bolster manual cleaning and disinfection practices, however should be used as a multi-modal approach and should not replace manual cleaning and disinfection."
Diversity of Bacterial Communities of Fitness Center Surfaces in a U.S. Metropolitan Area Portable Document Format (2 MB)
Virox Technologies Inc.
Excerpt: "This study investigates the overall bacterial ecology of selected fitness centers in a metropolitan area. A high degree of microbial diversity originating from inanimate surfaces of fitness centers underscores the need of proper hygienic practices."
Modern technologies for improving cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces in hospitals Portable Document Format (2 MB)
Virox Technologies Inc.
Excerpt: "Modern disinfectant technologies, such as Improved Hydrogen Peroxide, are effective alternatives to disinfectants currently in widespread use"
Environmental Surface Wetness Test: Comparison of Disinfectant Wipes​ Portable Document Format (702 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc.
Excerpt: "An important factor to consider concerning environmental surface asepsis is the length of time surfaces remain wet after application of a disinfectant. In this study 7 disinfectant wipes were evaluated for their ability to maintain wet when using a designated contact time. AHP was the only disinfectant that was able to stay wet long enough on the surface to reach it's contact time with only 1 application."


Cleaning and disinfecting environmental surfaces in healthcare: toward an integrated framework for infection and occupational illness prevention Portable Document Format (789 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc.
Excerpt: "This article provides a summary of currenty knowledge and knowledge gaps that can impact professionals, workers, researchers, and policymakers involved in infection prevention, control and occupational safety and health in all types of healthcare settings."


Tanning bed hygiene: Microbes found on tanning beds present a potential Portable Document Format (615 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc.
Excerpt: "Only a few states have guidelines for indoor tanning bed sanitation regulations, however, these regulations are rarely enforced. Given the direct contact of the skin of tanning salon patrons with the tanning bed surfaces tested, there is a legitimate concern for pathogen transmission and skin infections."


Experts Partner to Address Resistant Bacteria Through Antibiotic Stewardship, Environmental Hygiene Portable Document Format (788 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc.
Excerpt: "Antibiotic resistance has beome a significant topic of importance as antibiotic resistance threatens the effective prevention and treatment of an ever-increasing range of infections. Dr. Stuart Levy and Dr. Rosie Lyles partner up to share their perspectives on antibiotic resistance and how environmental hygiene plays a role."


Strategies to Prevent Clostridium difficile Infections in Acute Care Hospitals: 2014 UpdatePortable Document Format (882 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc.
Excerpt: "To highlight practical recommendations in a concise format designed to assist acute care hospitals in implementing and prioritizing their C.diff infection prevention efforts"
HPV Portable Document Format (411 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc.
A new study was published on testing disinfectant efficacy against HPV which has caused a lot of concern around HPV. This technical bulletin reviews the study to help address any concerns regarding HPV
Attitudes and beliefs, not just knowledge, influence the effectiveness of environmental cleaning by environmental service workers Portable Document Format (711 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc.
Excerpt: Using the theory of planned behavior as a framework, questionnaires and focus groups were utilized to determine if a person's attitudes and beliefs might influence the effectiveness of their cleaning.
Efficacy of different cleaning and disinfecting methods against Clostridium difficile Spores: Importance of Physical Removal versus Sporicidal Inactivation Portable Document Format (911 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc.
Excerpt: Management of Clostridium difficile requires a multifaceted approach. Current infection prevention and control guidelines agree that thorough cleaning of environmental surfaces is of utmost importance as a way of removing a substantial number of spores from the surface.
Battling Germs That Keep Getting Stronger Portable Document Format (734 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc.
Excerpt: 99% may be a great mark in school, but it's a failing grade in Infection Control - Battling Germs That Keep Getting Stronger, an article appearing on, highlights the emergence of antibiotic resistant organisms (AROs) in healthcare and the community and the potential role certain antibacterial products play in the development of such resistance.
Biofilm Portable Document Format (810 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc.
This document will help you and decision makers to better understand what Biofilms are and the relevance of using a disinfectant capable of killing and removing them.


LONZA Paper - A Comparison Study of Disinfectant Cleaners based on Hydrogen Peroxide or Quaternary Ammonium Compounds Portable Document Format (809 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc.
In an industry that relies on valid information flow in terms of accuracy and integrity, Virox maintains high standards. As a company that publishes fact based, peer reviewed data; we respect and welcome the opinion of impartial industry experts. The LONZA document is an internally generated report that contains a multitude of misleading statements and unrealistic comparisons in their favour. The reader must take into consideration the motive the architect of such a document might have.
Excerpt: The selection of a chemical disinfectant for a particular application can be a non-trivial endeavour, generally requiring the consideration of several factors such as germicidal efficacy and spectrum of action, cleaning performance, potential for occupational and environmental hazards, compatibility to materials and surfaces, cost of use, and organoleptic characteristics (i.e. odour). Different individuals will place more or less importance on one of more of these performance characteristics. In most cases, however, the main selection criteria for infection control practitioners are a broad spectrum of activity, and the ability to perform rapidly, even under the presence of soil. AHP meets these requirements, as it is proven to possess wide germicidal action (bacteria and enveloped and non-enveloped viruses), rapid speed of kill (5-minutes), and benign occupational, environmental and organoleptic profiles. pg. 3
Modeling microbial survival in buildup biofilm Portable Document Format (553 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc.
Excerpt: Hydrogen Peroxide as shown in this and other studies support the effectiveness of its oxidation properties in removing and preventing biofilm build-up when compared to cross-linking chemistries such as gluteraldehyde. pg. 2
The role of Environmental Surfaces in transmitting infections Portable Document Format (826 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc.
Excerpt: Health care-associated infections remain a patient safety issue and represent a significant adverse outcome of the provision of care. There is clear evidence that the environment around the patient influences the incidence of infection in hospitals and other health care settings.
Guidelines and Clinical Studies
Assessment of Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® disinfectant wipes in removal of chemotherapeutic agents from hard non-porous environmental surfaces.
Virox Technologies Inc.
Excerpt: "Chemotherapy molecules are known to be highly resistant to inactivation by chemical disinfectants. In order to protect personnel preparing chemotherapy drugs, choosing a disinfectant with the ability to cleanse or degrade chemotherapy agents is an essential aspect of the pharmacy’s/laboratory’s infection control and biosecurity program. " 
The National White-Nose Syndrome Decontamination Protocol
Virox Technologies Inc.
Excerpt: "White-Nose Syndrome (WNS) in hibernating bats is a fungus that grows on a bats nose, wings and ears and is highly transmissible between bats and also by human-assisted transmission from cave to cave. Caving is becoming more popular, either from a scientific point of view or recreationally. The fungus is causing severe mortality within bat populations across the United States and eastern Canada." 
Evaluation of the Efficacy of Disinfectant Footmats for the Reduction of Bacterial Contamination on Footwear in a Large Animal Veterinary Hospital Portable Document Format (465 KB)
Hornig et al, Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine, 2016.
Excerpt: "Disinfectant footmats and footbaths may be helpful, but are not absolute methods, for eliminating contamination on footwear in veterinary hospital environments. While disinfectant footmats may be considered reliable in decreasing footwear contamination, the magnitude of these decreases is limited. Disinfectant efficacy would likely be improved by the removal of organic debris before disinfection or increasing contact time, however, the study was designed to emulate common practice in livestock hospitals where footmats are utilized to decrease trafficking of microorganisms on footwear as personnel move throughout the facility." 
Minimizing the Risk of Bacterial Transmission from Patient to Patient When Using Duodenoscopes Portable Document Format (465 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc.
Excerpt: "Outbreaks of multidrug-resistant bacteria have been associated with the use of duodenoscopes. These outbreaks occurred despite adherence to best practices for endoscope reprocessing." 
Replication of human noroviruses in stem cell-derived human enteroids Portable Document Format (465 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc.
Excerpt: "Human noroviruses (NoV) are the most common cause of epidemic and sporadic cases of acute gastroenteritis worldwide, and the leading cause of food-borne gastroenteritis." 


Cleanliness of Portable Medical Equipment Disinfected by Nursing Staff Portable Document Format (465 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc. 
Excerpt: "This study assessed the cleanliness of mobile rolling blood pressure units between patients' use. The findings of the study suggest the need to implement systems to improve disinfection of mobile equipment." 
Summary of Infection Prevention Practices in Dental Settings Portable Document Format (680 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc. 
This document is a summary guide of basic infection prevention recommendations for all dental health care settings, specifically Sterilization and Disinfection of Patient-Care Items and Devices and Environmental Infection Prevention and Control.
Improved Eradication Of Clostridium Difficile Spores From Toilets Of Hospitalized Patients Using An Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide As The Cleaning Agent Portable Document Format (822 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc. 
The evidence from this study shows that the Oxivir Tb formulation is a useful alternative to bleach for surface killing of C. difficile spores
Effects of an Environmental Services Professional Training Course and Cleaning Products on the Rates of Infection Seen at Suburban Hospital Portable Document Format (710 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc. 
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of a formal, eight-hour training course for hospital environmental services personnel on the overall rate of infections seen in a mid-sized suburban hospital.
Use of a Daily Disinfectant Cleaner instead of a daily cleaner to reduce HAIs Portable Document Format (793 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc. 
This study evaluated whether using a daily disinfectant cleaner could reduce HAIs
Diverse Sources of C-difficile Infection Identified on Whole-Genome Sequencing Portable Document Format (865 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc. 
Excerpt: "This study aimed to reveal the substantial genetic diversity among C. difficile isolates. It was observed that diverse subtypes in patients with C. difficile represented a separate transmission event from a reservoir or asymptomatic carrier. Thus, cases that are clearly linked by hospital or community contact can be targeted to prevent further spread."
The ChildSafe Guidelines: Green Cleaning Products for Schools Portable Document Format (615 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc. 
Excerpt: "The increasing incidence of environmentally mediated illness in children, combined with emerging science that links many of these illnesses with exposures to chemical toxins, has precipitated an increase in “green” cleaning products for use in schools and other facilities where children spend time."
Burden of C diff on Hospital Readmissions Portable Document Format (876 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc.
The objective of this study was to characterize the burden of C. difficile infection on 30-day hospital readmissions in a multi-hospital health system. This Technical Bulletin ties in the relevance of AHP and how AHP has been proved to reduce bacterial spores on environmental surfaces.
Cleaning Hospital Room Surfaces to Prevent HAIs Portable Document Format (759 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc.
The cleaning of hard surfaces in hospital rooms is critical for reducing HAIs. This review describes the evidence examining current methods of cleaning , disinfecting and monitoring cleanliness of patient rooms, as well as contextual factors that may affect implementation and effectiveness


USP (797) Pharmaceutical Compounding-Sterile Preparation  Portable Document Format (768 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc. 
Guidelines of cleaning and disinfecting of compound pharmacies and how AHP plays a role


USP (800) Hazardous Drugs - Handling in Healthcare Settings Portable Document Format (463 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc. 
This document deals with the practice and quality standards for handling hazardous drugs to promote patient, workers and environmental safety. The focus of this document is on deactivation/decontamination, cleaning and disinfection of hazardous drugs as we have seen an influx of inquiries regarding AHPs efficacy against HDs. The USPs guidelines for choosing a disinfectant technology that has the ability to deactivate HDs emphasizes the importance of a well rounded product. Based on studies that have demonstrated the ability of oxidizers such as hydrogen peroxide, and products with a low pH to deactivate HDs combined with the known ability of AHP to have superior cleaning properties and germicidal efficacy, AHP would be an excellent choice for the use in healthcare settings that deal with the preparation and use of HDs.
Intermediate-level disinfection with AHP prevents accumulation of bacteria in VersajetPortable Document Format (563 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc. 
Excerpt: "Debridement of necrotic tissue is essential for treatment and prevention on infection in burn injury. The Versajet hydrosurgery system is a single use product for surgical debridement of the burn wound in the operating room. Although marketed for single use surgical debridement, given the cost of the unit, it is not economical to use a new hand piece at each dressing change. If the handset could be cleaned sufficiently to permit reuse on the same patient with each dressing change, bedside use may become financially feasible. Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP®) is a leading disinfection technology that that was utilized in this study to determine if the Versajet hand piece could be adequately disinfected for reuse. AHP was found to reduce bacterial counts by 6-log and reduce organic contamination by 4.2 fold"


Bacterial Contamination of Ultrasound ProbesPortable Document Format (551 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc. 
Excerpt: "Health care-associated infections (HAIs) are among the leading causes of death in the United States. Although HAIs may seem irrelevant to radiology, ultrasound examinations may be an unaccounted contributing factor for their development. There are established guidelines for disinfection and sterilization in general, but a lack of compliance and misuse of disinfectants has led to numerous outbreaks. Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP®) is a synergistic blend of commonly used, safe ingredients that has unparalled germicidal efficacy and has been proven to reduce HAIs. The results of this study show that cleaning ultrasound probes with 0.5% AHP is adequate for removal of MRSA with the appropriate contact time."


Disinfectant wipes are appropriate to control microbial bioburden from surfacesPortable Document Format (794 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc. 
Excerpt: " High-touch environmental surfaces (HTES) are being recognized increasingly for their potential to spread pathogens in healthcare and other settings. Decontamination of HTES is almost always either by a disinfectant spray-and wipe procedure or by wiping with a disinfectant pre-soaked wipe (DPW). Additionally, during routine wiping, DPW may dislodge localized contamination on HTES and transfer it to neighboring areas being wipes, posing a substantial threat to the spread of pathogenic bacteria. The lack of appropriate test protocol for measuring the activity of antimicrobial wipes has been recognized by the Royal College of Nursing, and therefore the three-stage test protocol was redesigned to measure the activity of antimicrobial wipes in combination with the purpose-built Wiperator, recently recognized as an ASTM International Standard, now referred to as E2967-15. The three-stage test has been used to measure the activity of disinfectant, sporicide, and detergent containing wipes. This study reports on the efficacy of five types of commercially-available DPW, including AHP, against two types of common vegetative bacterial pathogens (Staphylococcus aureus and Acinetobacter baumanii) using ASTM Standard E2967-15. All of the commercial DPW that were tested achieved a >4log (99.99%) reduction in colony-forming units of Staphylococcus aureus and Acinetobacter baumanii with 10 seconds of wiping. AHP was able to produce at least a 7.0 log reduction (99.99999%) of both test bacteria from the surface following wiping. Additionally, AHP was the only DPW that was able to prevent the transfer of bacteria to another surface."


Best Practices Document for Management of Clostridium difficile in all health care settings Portable Document Format (888 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc.
This document deals with the prevention and control of the transmission of Clostridium difficile Associated Disease (CDAD) in acute and non-acute health care settings and sets out the infection prevention and control practices to focus on preventing the transmission of CDAD to other patients, assist health care providers to promptly identify clusters of CDAD as well as to assist health care providers in the management of patients with CDAD and outbreaks related to CDAD.


Best Practices For Cleaning, Disinfection, and Sterilization In All Health Care Settings (April 2006) Portable Document Format (703 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc.
Excerpt: AHP has gained a reputation for being the most effective and safest disinfection product on the market. The addition of AHP into this document provides support that can help to convert healthcare facilities to AHP that are currently using quats, phenols, orthophthaladehyde or glutaraldehydes.


PIDAC Best Practices for Environmental Cleaning for....Portable Document Format (813 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc.
Excerpt: This document will be an excellent tool to have in your arsenal of support for the use of the AHP Technology. Not only does the document legitimize the use of AHP but it includes a concise summary of best practices that covers cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces and noncritical devices as well as occupational health and safety and environmental issues. Many of these sections fall directly into the advantages of choosing AHP over other competitive chemistries. pg. 4
CDC guidelines for disinfection and sterilizationPortable Document Format (719 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc.
This document was developed by HICPAC (formerly the Hospital Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee) and reviewed and approved by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The Guideline for Disinfection and Sterilization in Healthcare Facilities, 2008, presents evidence based recommendations on the preferred methods for cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of patient care medical devices and for cleaning and disinfecting the healthcare environment. The document supercedes the relevant
Excerpt: As both a fast acting Hospital Grade Disinfectant and Cleaner, this simplifies the cleaning protocol for Environmental Services Staff, as only one product needs to be used. The addition of AHP into this document provides support that can help to convert healthcare facilities to AHP that are currently using quats, phenols, or sodium hypochlorite. pg. 3
Evaluation of sporicidal activities of selected environmental surface disinfectants: Carrier tests with the spores of Clostridium difficile and its surrogates (AJIC 2010;38:718-722) Portable Document Format (897 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc.
Clostridium difficile is an increasingly common nosocomial pathogen whose spores are very resistant to disinfectants. Many facilities in North America have experienced or are experiencing difficulties in combating Clostridium difficile. For disinfection to occur, it is important for a product to keep the surface wet for the entire disinfection contact time as noted on the label in order to achieve the claimed disinfection activity.
Excerpt: AHP® products are proven effective cleaners (in accordance to CGSB 2:16-87 and ASTM 4488-89, 5343 test methods)and therefore can be used as both the cleaner (lifts and removes soil load and pathogens) and disinfectant in accordance with Infection Control Guidelines for cleaning and disinfection of C. difficile Isolation Rooms. As both a fast acting Hospital Grade Disinfectant and Cleaner, this simplifies the cleaning protocol for Environmental Services Staff, as only one product needs to be used.
Guide to Hygiene and Sanitation in Aviation World Health Organization, 2009 Portable Document Format (547 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc.
Excerpt: In 2006, over 2 billion passengers were carried by airlines, indicating that air transport is a potentially efficient means for spreading communicable disease by surface contact or proximity to infected persons. Therefore, effective cleaning and disinfecting regimens need to be put in place to mitigate the potential transfer of pathogens from an infected person to others via surfaces within the aircraft or airports.


Guidelines: Infection Prevention and Control in the Dental Office Portable Document Format (708 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc.
This document was developed by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO) and approved by Council in November of 2009. These Guidelines, which replace those issued by RCDSO in January 2002, are significantly broader and reflect current knowledge of the transmission of infection and how to prevent and control it. The document is intended to provide all Oral Health Care Workers (OHCWs) with the knowledge to properly implement necessary infection prevention and control measures in the
Excerpt: Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP®) has gained a reputation for being the most effective and safest disinfectant technology on the market in Canada. AHP® disinfectant cleaner products are uniquely designed to balance exceptional germicidal performance, including efficacy against more difficult to kill pathogens including non-enveloped viruses (Norovirus, Rhinovirus, Polio Virus, etc.) with superior health, safety and environmental profiles. AHP® surface disinfectants in their RTU or use dilution forms have been proven to be non-toxic and non-irritating to eyes and skin. Additionally, AHP® solutions are Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) free, fragrance free and dye free. pg. 2


Oxivir Tb Formulation of Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP) is Effective for Killing Clostridium Difficile Spores on Toilet Seat Surfaces Portable Document Format (904 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc.
Excerpt: The evidence from this study shows that the Oxivir Tb formulation is a useful alternative to bleach for surface killing of C. difficile spores.