Webber Training Teleclasses

The Art of Infection Control telelearning series was created to bring the best infection control information to the largest possible audience at an affordable cost. This educational series is available to professionals from around world whom are interested in keeping current in various infection control related topics. The popularity of this program speaks for it self, with sessions attracting up to 4,200 participants globally. Sponsored by Virox Technologies Inc. and other partners, The Art of Infection Control telelearning series will continue to develop new educational opportunities to assist in the constant battle against pathogens.

Teleclass education is made possible through the effort of many people and organizations. Paul Webber heads up Webber Training Inc. and hosts many teleclasses. Prof. Syed Sattar of the Centre for Research on Environmental Microbiology at the University of Ottawa plays an integral role in the strategic planning and successful execution of the teleclasses. Every presenter, every sponsor, every host, and everyone who has ever registered for a teleclass are also important partners in teleclass education. It takes thousands of us to make teleclasses really work.

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