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The dental advisor 2017 top award winner

AHP Gets a Perfect Check-up

2017’s Top Winner by the Dental Advisor

SciCan’s AHP powered disinfectant Optim 1, was recognized as 2017’s Top Winner by the Dental Advisor. Among the reasons cited: “Optim 1 is safe as it is effective”; “OPTIM1 is easy to use, has no aerosol, is easy on sensitive skin, and does not produce eye reactions”; “Extremely quick action while having broad-spectrum effectiveness”; “We like the one-step process, it is easier than the two-step process which is too time consuming”; “We will switch to OPTIM1 as it is less irritating.”

Doug Schoon Endorses AHP

Doug Schoon Endorses AHP

Doug Schoon

Nail industry guru, scientist and published author, Doug Schoon spoke publicly about spa and salon workplace safety. He singled out not only the harsh products used in manicures and pedicures but also cleaning and disinfection. He is one of many authorities and key opinion leaders who have come out and voiced their support for a cleaner, safer alternative to harsh legacy chemicals.