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“Our competition is not brands, it is legacy chemistries, chemicals that have been used for decades, sometimes 50, 60 years that have remained unchanged. All the while the bugs are mutating but the chemicals stayed the same. So it’s not terribly difficult to disinfect a surface. It’s difficult to disinfect a surface without hurting the surface or the person doing it and the environment post use.


…If you take a look at SARS from 2003 and you take a look at where we are today there’s been a number of mini outbreaks in between there. So you had MERS in the Middle East. Again, another virus transmitted from an animal. And then in between there you’ve had community outbreaks of MRSA, VRE, the infection prevention experts call it the bug of the week club. They do not expect that this is the end. This is just possibly the new norm. All of this activity will make people more prepared, more aware, and you’re gonna see different procedures, processes put in place in terms of state of readiness.”


RANDY PILON, President and CEO, Virox Technologies Inc. March 23, 2020

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