Chemistry Comparisons

Considering risks to healthcare workers from glutaraldehyde alternatives in high-level disinfection.

Rideout K, Teschke K, Dimich-Ward H, Kennedy SM.

This article highlights the concerns of glutaraldehyde’s toxicity and recommends hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acids as safer alternatives for high level disinfection that do not cause allergic reactions.

Parents Say Students Become Ill after Cleaning Desks to Prevent MRSA

Our Valley Staff | Our Valley

Some Craig County High School students told to clean their desks after each class to prevent staph infections got sick from the cleaning solution, parents reported.


Syed A. Sattar, Ph.D. | CREM

Dr Syed Sattar states stabilized and accelerated hydrogen peroxide as a safer, environmentally-benign and faster-acting germicide”