3rd Party Endorsements

Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide 7% Receives Food Industry Supplier Endorsement For Acrylic Plastic Immersion Testing And Use

Cleartech Inc.

Cleartech Inc endorses the use of Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide 7% for cleaning acrylic bins as no damage to the acrylic was observed after the testing was done

Accelerated hydrogen peroxide Receives Emergency Approval against Anthrax

US Environmental Protection Agency

With recent events in North America, the EPA was searching for effective decontamination options for anthrax incidents. The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) has a provision for emergency approvals of disinfecting products. Under Section 18 of FIFRA, EPA can exempt a State or Federal Agency from the provisions of FIFRA and thereby allow the sale, distribution, and use of an unregistered pesticide for a limited time if the Administrator determines that emergency conditions require such exemption. Before approving an emergency exemption request, EPA performs a multi-disciplinary risk assessment of the requested use, relying largely on data that have already been reviewed for the pesticide. If the emergency appears valid and the risks are acceptable, EPA approves the emergency exemption request. EPA will deny an exemption request if, among other things, the pesticide use may cause unreasonable adverse effects on the environment, including human health.