Research Presentations

Wipes and Disinfectants – The Significance of Appropriate Pairing for Environmental Surface Decontamination.

Virox Technologies Inc.

Proper pairing between wipe substrates and disinfectants is crucial to maximize surface decontamination. Various factors, such as the substrate material, manufacturing process and disinfectant chemistry can impact the ability of a disinfectant to work on a surface; an incompatible pairing often has a major negative impact on surface decontamination.

Battling Bacterial Biofilms: AHP as an effective replacement for Chlorine-Based Disinfectants.

Virox Technologies Inc.

There are a selection of biofilm growth methods for in-lab testing of antimicrobials against biofilms, where the CDC and MBEC methods are the two most commonly used methods. The current study has looked into determining if merging of the two prominent techniques can provide a more desirable protocol for biofilm growth and testing. Additionally, two antimicrobial agents have been used to assess the strength of the grown biofilms; a standard sodium hypochlorite (SHC) solution as a known biofilm killing agent, and diluted Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP®) concentrate formula as a novel agent against biofilms.

Assessment of Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide for Sanitizing Carpet

Daniel L. Price and Brandi N. Morris

The study investigated accelerated hydrogen peroxide’s ability to remove and inactivate accumulated biocontaminants from carpet fibers.

Broad-Spectrum Microbial Activity, Toxicological assessment and Materials Compatibility of a New Generation of Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP)-Based Environmental Surface Disinfectant

N.Omidbakhsh, B.SC | CJIC Vol 21 No 1, pg 33.

This article summarizes the efficacy and safety of the EPA registered Intermediate Level disinfectant that is sold as Oxivir Tb in North America by Johnson Diversey.

Is a wipe a wipe? Implications of various wipe substrate materials on proper disinfection of surfaces using commonly used disinfectant chemistries.

The purpose of this study was to evaluate if there is any interaction between the wipe substrate disinfectant chemistry for saturation load and drying contact time.

A Novel Hydrogen Peroxide-Based Antimicrobial Handwash

N.Omidbakhsh, Ph.D. Candidate | CJIC Vol 22 No 1, pg 49.

The objective of this study was to introduce a new handwash antimicrobial solution based on accelerated hydrogen peroxide (AHP) technology as an alternative to alcohol, PCMX, chlorohexidine and Triclosan.

Going Green and Staying Clean: Using Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide as a Disinfectant in Rodent Facilities

Kathleen M. McDonald, BS, CMAR, RLATG; Ma ew Mihalik, ALAT; Lindsay Bihler, MBA, RLATG | University of PiPA

To determine if Accelerated Hydr ogen Per oxide (AHP) is a viable alternave disinfectant to chlorine dioxide (ClO2) in rodent facilies

The Use of ATP Bioluminometers and Their Reliability in Assessing Surface Disinfection in Healthcare Applications

Omidbakhsh, Ph.D, P.Eng.; F. Ahmadpour, H.BSc.

Results suggest that ATP meters cannot be relied upon to evaluate the disinfection of a healthcare surface, since they have limitations in detecting the true count of organisms on the surface, which can cause false confidence. Furthermore the cleaning/disinfecting chemistry residues can have a very adverse impact on ATP readings, which can once again lead to increased false confidence.”ld, BS, CMAR, RLATG; Ma ew Mihalik, ALAT; Lindsay Bihler, MBA, RLATG

Assessment of the Knowledge and the Predictors of Behaviour in Patient Service Assistants (PSAs) Regarding Environmental Cleaning in a Pediatric Hospital

Anne Matlow MD, Rick Wray MN (c), Susan Richardson MD

PSAs varied in knowledge about their job and in tattitudes and perceived control over their work. An education campaign targeting misconceptions, attitudes and beliefs may impact on their ultimate cleaning behaviour.