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Our Team

We pride ourselves on our entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to developing innovative infection prevention and control solutions through our chemical engineering and industry expertise.

Executive leadership team

randy pilon virox technologies

Randy Pilon

President & CEO
Martin Harry Virox Technologies

Martin Harry

Chief Operating Officer
Faraz Alderson Virox Technologies Inc.

Faraz A. Alderson

Chief Science Officer
Lee Nesbitt Headshot Brick Wall

Lee Nesbitt

Executive Vice President, President – Commercial Markets
Zubair Imam headshot

Zubair Imam

Executive Vice President, Manufacturing
Cindy Neale Virox Technologies

Cindy Neale

Executive Vice President, Finance
John VanDyke Virox Technologies Inc.

John VanDyke

Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs

Our Team

Stephanie Kus Virox Technologies

Stephanie Kus

Executive Director, Corporate Affairs
dan woolford virox technologies inc

Dan Woolford

Senior Director, Sales & Marketing
Alan Haslett Virox Techonologies

Alan Haslett

Senior Director, Strategic Alliances
Todd Hepburn Virox Technologies

Todd Hepburn

Senior Director, Strategy
Sean Van Den Berg Virox Technologies

Sean van den Berg

Senior Director, R&D Product Innovation
Tom Delaney headshot

Tom Delaney

Senior Director, Materials Management
Junette Tabadero Virox Technologies Inc.

Junette Driz Tabadero

Director, Regulatory Affairs
Bhargavi Patel headshot

Bhargavi Patel

Director, Quality Assurance
Selena Gagnon Virox Technologies Inc.

Selena Gagnon

Director, Product Marketing
Shirish Patel Virox Technologies

Shirish Patel

Director, Production
Fred Guanlao Virox Technologies

Fred Guanlao

Director, Commercial Business Analysis
Amber Cooke Virox Technologies Inc.

Amber Cooke

Director, Human Resources
Christy Whetter Virox Technologies

Christy Whetter

Director, Marketing (Animal Health)
Zack Woolford Headshot

Zack Woolford

Director, Strategic Alliances (Animal Health)
Milica Petkovic headshot

Milica Petkovic

Director, Marketing
Lori Georgopoulos Virox Technologies Inc.

Lori Georgopolous

Director, Workplace Care & Events
Rob Smrekar Virox Technologies Inc.

Rob Smrekar

Director, Facilities

Alan Green

Director, IT Services
team working meeting with virox products

Join our team

Designing revolutionary, sustainable, and safe disinfectants excites us. We’re looking for individuals who share our passion for the planet and protecting people and animals from pathogens. Find out how you can be a part of the solution.

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