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Industries we serve

At Virox, we’ve introduced the benefits of sustainable disinfectant technologies to a number of industries with targeted formulations under unique, recognized brands.

female healthcare worker wearing navy scrubs cleaning hospital bed

Human health

Virox has pioneered the broader acceptance of next-generation disinfectants in hospitals, long-term care facilities, medical clinics, laboratories, dentistry, spas and salons, cruise ships, mold remediation, cannabis production facilities, and other industrial and institutional settings.

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female veterinarian wearing protective clothing examining small yellow dog

Animal health

Virox’s unique odour-free formulations are ideal for use in animal facilities. Biodegradable disposal ensures humans, animals, and the planet are not negatively impacted.

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We innovate because just being tough on pathogens isn’t enough. On top of being supremely effective, our technologies are easy on users, materials, and the environment – a unique combination of attributes.

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