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Citr-IQ uses citric acid, one of nature’s primary antimicrobials, in a synergistic blend of ingredients to effectively kill pathogens, while remaining gentle on users, materials, and the environment.

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We’ve enhanced the safe and natural disinfecting properties of citric acid to engineer a technology that outperforms other medical grade disinfectants on the market. Citr-IQ’s synergistic formula is powerful enough to eliminate pathogens of concern and its superior compatibility makes it safe for numerous surfaces and materials. Like all our innovations at Virox, Citr-IQ is gentle on users and safe for the planet.

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Pathogens have a new worst enemy

  • COMPATIBLE:  Including on plastics and soft metals; superior vs. other commonly used disinfectants
  • EFFECTIVE: Virucidal, Bactericidal, Fungicidal, and Tuberculocidal in < 1-min
  • SAFER: Non-toxic formula
  • SUSTAINABLE: Natural and biodegradable ingredients
  • CLEANING: Cleans and disinfects in 1-step
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At Virox, our innovations are leaving a safer planet for future generations. Our newest disinfectant technology uses citric acid derived from a natural and sustainable fermentation process to powerfully kill pathogens. The ingredients in Citr-IQ are biodegradable and non-toxic, having no negative impact on the environment. Its superior compatibility also allows for more eco-friendly material and packaging options.

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Please see our FAQ for more on Citr-IQ and answers to common questions about our products, resources, and disinfection best practices.

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