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Beauty & Wellness

Specifically formulated for the beauty and wellness industry, our products effectively disinfect surfaces, foot baths, and tools while remaining gentle on users, equipment, and the environment.
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“It’s about time that American nail professionals can utilize this highly effective and safe technology to help improve their services and ensure their client’s well-being.”

Doug Schoon, internationally-recognized scientist, author and educator with over 30 years experience in the cosmetic, beauty and personal care industry.


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1 Gallon rejuvenate one-step disinfectant

Hospital-grade disinfectants for spas and salons

Rejuvenate™ hospital-grade disinfectants keep salons and spas safe from pathogens and the spread of infection. Fast, safe, and eco-friendly.
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Rejuvenate™ disinfectants

Protect your reputation with hospital-grade disinfectants that are effective, gentle, and eco-friendly.

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preempt etu disinfectant wipes and liquid cleaners
preempt cs20 disinfectant products

Canada’s leader in infection control for the beauty industry

PREempt™ Disinfectants for Salon and Spa surfaces, footbaths, and tools are based on the power of Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide®. Fast, safe, and eco-friendly.
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PREempt™ disinfectants

PREempt™ salon and spa disinfectants, Canada’s leader in infection control for the beauty industry.

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