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A Different Approach to Fighting Pathogens

As a research-driven company, our Deliberately Different® approach lives at the core of our innovation. We find novel solutions that redefine disinfection through highly technical products that address the ever-changing landscape of infection prevention and biosecurity. Our multi-patented formulas are state-of-the-art technology platforms with demonstrable superiority and adaptability.

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Unrivaled benefits

Choosing the right disinfectant requires more than just identifying what it kills. The ideal disinfectant should be the perfect balance of cleaning efficiency, germicidal activity, occupational safety, environmental impact, and material compatibility.

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Virox’s patented technologies achieve the perfect balance of unmatched efficacy, environmental integrity and application safety.
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Delivering superior kill performance with shorter contact times.
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Cleans while it disinfects and disinfects while it cleans in one act.
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Non-irritating, odor-free, and emits no VOC’s.
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Biodegradable, easy to dispose of with minimal to nil environmental impact.
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Protecting assets by reducing corrosion and wear.
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Virox engineered Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® as a game-changing disinfectant technology that has been relied on for more than two decades. Using low levels of hydrogen peroxide, together with a synergistic blend of commonly used, safe ingredients, AHP® has exceptional potency as a germicide and performance as a cleaner without sacrificing safety or sustainability.

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Citr-IQ is our new patented disinfectant technology that harnesses the natural antimicrobial power of citric acid and represents the next chapter in Virox innovation. Citr-IQ maintains the balance of efficacy and safety that Virox antimicrobial technologies are known for but does so while advancing performance in sustainability and material compatibility.

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Industries we serve

Explore the industries we serve

Virox creates branded and private label products, and partners with market leaders in an array of industries, pioneering the broader acceptance of next-generation disinfectants in human and animal health settings.

Explore the industries we serve
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