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Creating a biosecurity plan is good business

Written by Virox

Pantaleon L. Biosecurity is an essential part of animal care in preventing and/or minimizing the spread of contagious infectious diseases. Disinfectants are one facet of infection control and their use to prevent and control pathogenic microorganisms is well accepted. However, there is increasing concern regarding user, animal, and environmental safety for some commonly used disinfectants, and evidence of cross-resistance between disinfectants and antibiotics. Furthermore, there is also emerging evidence of bacterial resistance to some disinfectants. Therefore, it is important to understand the need to developing a proper biosecurity plan and to select disinfectants with a reduced potential for cross-bacterial resistance and a high level of safety and efficacy. Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP®) is a relatively new yet proven chemistry broadly used across a multitude of markets and industries known for its exceptional safety profile and microbicidal efficacy.

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