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Disinfectant wipes are appropriate to control microbial bioburden from surfaces: use of a new ASTM standard test protocol to demonstrate efficacy

Written by Virox

Sattar S.A. et al. High-touch environmental surfaces (HTES) are being recognized increasingly for their potential to spread pathogens in healthcare and other settings. Decontamination of HTES is almost always either by a disinfectant spray and wipe procedure or by wiping with a disinfectant pre-soaked wipe (DPW). However, products marketed for this purpose are rarely tested using conditions simulating their field use, and the label claims of environmental surface disinfectants seldom include wiping action. Additionally, during routine wiping, DPW may dislodge localized contamination on HTES and transfer it to neighbouring areas being wiped, posing a substantial threat to the spread of pathogenic bacteria. Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP®) has been proven to decontaminate surfaces without transferring acquired contamination to clean surfaces.

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