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Optim 33TB Cleaning Study

Written by Virox

John A. Molinari, Ph.D., Anthony Malmsten THE DENTAL ADVISOR Biomaterials Research Center Dental Consultants, Inc., Ann Arbor, Michigan

The purpose of the investigation was three-fold: First, it was to evaluate the ability of Optim 33TB to clean environmental surfaces coated with dried organic debris; Second, to compare the cleaning capability of the water-based, hydrogen peroxide-containing Optim 33TB with that observed for a surface disinfectant containing a high alcohol concentration; and lastly, investigate the ability of Optim 33TB to remove bacteria in organic debris on contaminated environmental surfaces. Based on this study evaluating the ability of surface disinfectants to remove dried blood and test bacteria in the presence of organic debris, water-based Optim 33TB was able to accomplish initial cleaning of contaminated prepared surfaces. Both the spray and towelette forms of this product were highly effective in removing the overwhelming majority of cultivable S. aureus.

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