Engineering Revolutionary Disinfectants
for the War Against Pathogens

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Deliberately Different

Unique, Novel and Innovative

Powerful disinfectants are easy to formulate, however they are often toxic. Virox Technologies Inc. responded to this challenge with a unique and innovative chemical synergy that lead to the development of Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide®. AHP® is unique as it achieves the ideal balance between safety and efficacy. This has proven to be a game changer in the infection prevention and control industry. VIDEO BROCHURE(open in a new window)

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The Superiority of Virox™ Disinfectant Technologies

We create formulations that are not mere substitutes for current germicidal chemistries, but represent the next generation in disinfection technologies with demonstrable superiority.

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Since the beginning of time, human’s most lethal enemy has been the Pathogen.

Today, we are still at risk of being exposed to harmful germs and infectious disease everywhere we go and in all walks of life. Even animals in farms, veterinary clinics, and shelters are not immune. And yet… the very chemicals being used to fight pathogens are threatening our health & safety and damaging our environment.

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Unique Disinfectant Technologies Unlike Any Other

Only Virox™ formulations combine unmatched efficacy with environmental integrity and application safety. While we create powerful disinfectants to combat pathogens, they are gentle on users, animals and the planet.

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Creating Next Generation Disinfectant Technologies

Hands, Surfaces and Devices Images

Virox™ created the first disinfectant technology that is compatible with hands, surfaces and devices. Our solutions are formulated with inert, non-combustible ingredients that come with no special handling, storage, ventilation or disposal requirements.

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Disinfecting in Multiple Human Health Applications

Virox™ has pioneered the broader acceptance of next generation disinfectants in hospitals, long term care facilities, medical clinics, laboratories, spas and salons, cruise ships, mold remediation, cannabis production facilities and other industrial and institutional settings.

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Disinfecting in Companion Animal Health Facilities

Animal Health Markets

Our uniquely formulated products are ideal for companion animal health markets including veterinary clinics, shelters, and boarding facilities.

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Disinfecting in a variety of Farm Animal Markets

Virox™ formulations are used in agricultural facilities to stop the spread of disease and prevent outbreaks while remaining gentle on animals, users and the environment. Compatibility with most hard surfaces and devices protects the longevity of physical assets.

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A New Way of Looking at Disinfection

Transforming the age-old accepted view that “killing powerful germs, requires the use of harsh toxic chemicals”, Virox™ products kill tough pathogens BUT remain SAFER on People, Animals and the Planet. That’s a deliberately different way of thinking and a legacy we can pass on to future generations.

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