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Building a More Sustainable Future

Written by Virox

At Virox, our commitment to human and animal health, environmental sustainability, and innovation goes beyond a business strategy—it is the essence of who we are. We engineer disinfectant technologies that are not only effective against pathogens, but are also gentle on people, animals and the planet. From the creation of the groundbreaking Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP®) to our latest disinfectant technology, Citr-IQ®, Virox has always pushed the boundaries of innovating disinfectants and searching for new sustainable practices. Our surface disinfectants are made with biodegradable ingredients, emit no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and boast the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA)  lowest toxicity rating in-use. They do not require hazardous symbols or pictograms on the labels, are non-irritating to eyes and skin, and require no personal protective equipment (PPE).

At Virox, our commitment to innovation is intertwined with our dedication to environmental sustainability. A prime example of this effort is Citr-IQ, our latest disinfectant technology. Formulated with citric acid, a powerful natural antimicrobial, Citr-IQ combines a synergistic blend of ingredients that not only effectively eliminates pathogens but also remains gentle on users, materials, and the environment. This advancement enables us to utilize more sustainable materials, such as biodegradable or compostable plant-based wipes, and consider eco-friendlier packaging alternatives.

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We are committed to discovering and implementing new sustainable packaging solutions for our products. In recent years we have reduced the plastic resin in our containers and introduced refills for our canister wipes, extra large bucket wipes, and ready-to-use formats across North America for the Companion Animal and Beauty & Wellness industries, reducing plastic by up to 90%. By challenging the status quo and exploring new innovations, we look for ways to further minimize our environmental impact.

As an innovator in the infection prevention and chemical engineering and manufacturing sector, we proudly stand as the first company in Canada to produce ECOLOGO® certified disinfectants and Green Seal Certified products in our cutting-edge, 68,500+ square foot LEED® Gold certified facility located in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

Our Founder, President and CEO, Randy Pilon, once asked, “Why wouldn’t a chemical manufacturer want to be sustainable?” He answered by challenging the team to achieve LEED certification—an undertaking that transformed our company culture. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification is the most recognized global standard for high-performance buildings that are efficient, cost-effective, and better for occupants and the environment.

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This initiative led us to first achieve LEED Silver Certification and then LEED Gold status, not only for our office facilities but also for the actual manufacturing plant itself, further solidifying our commitment to sustainability. We proudly stand as the first chemical manufacturer in Canada with a LEED Certified facility.

Virox’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond our ground-breaking disinfectant technologies and products and is embedded in every facet of our operations practices and building technologies.  Here’s a glimpse of some of the programs, retrofit improvements, and operational upgrades we’ve implemented:

  • Mechanical Systems Upgrades: Enhancing energy efficiency and occupant comfort.
  • BT Radioshuttle System: Maximizing available storage space for efficient and productive warehousing operations.
  • Sustainable Purchasing Programs: Ensuring that everything we buy upholds our green standards of sustainably procured and produced.
  • Internal Recycling Program: Implemented a comprehensive recycling program designed to repurpose materials from our manufacturing processes, including cardboard, labels and skids. This initiative helps conserve resources, minimize our environmental footprint, and ensure material segregation is in line with ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems (EMS) standards, converting excess material into valuable resources for new processes.
  • Green Cleaning and Indoor Air Quality Management: Promoting indoor environmental quality through green policies and practices like installing high-performance air filters to remove >99.99% of airborne pathogens and large overhead fans in our manufacturing area to provide thermal comfort solutions for airflow.
  • Continuous Building Improvements: Including the installation of EV charging stations, LED lighting and integrated pest management.
  • Support for Alternative Transportation: With the addition of bicycle racks and shuttle services.

Curious to see how our sustainability efforts have paid off in real numbers? Our sustainability initiatives have led to significant positive environmental impacts:

  • 86% of waste diverted from landfills
  • 121+ metric tons of cardboard recycled, saving about 48.8 tonnes of CO2 emissions.
  • Implemented skid and label back recycling programs
  • 90% of waste diverted from landfills through enhanced recycling efforts
  • 124 metric tons of waste diverted through our skid reuse program
  • 438+ kg of e-waste diverted, including batteries, lights, and electronics.

Our journey does not stop there. Virox is committed to maintaining a minimum score of 90% waste diversion rate and continuing to reduce our energy consumption through smart data analytics and innovative practices. As stated in our Environmental Policy, we will set objectives for sustainable performance in an effort to continually improve our environmental management; that’s our commitment.

As a disruptor in disinfectant technology and infection prevention, our focus on health and environmental sustainability is a legacy we will pass on to future generations.

Learn more about our commitment to a sustainable future here.


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