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Virox Announces its New Disinfectant Technology, Citr-IQ

Written by Virox


Virox Engineers a New Patented Disinfectant Technology with Enhanced Safety and Performance

Citr-IQ<sup style=font-size:1.4rem;></sup> is the Next Advancement in Disinfectant Innovation from the Creators of AHP®

Oakville, ON, April 21, 2022 – Since its creation of Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP®) in 1998, Virox Technologies Inc.<sup style=font-size:1.4rem;></sup> has been relied on by leading infection prevention and biosecurity experts worldwide and their innovations regarded as the new standard in disinfectant safety, efficacy, and environmental sustainability. Today, Virox announces its development of Citr-IQ<sup style=font-size:1.4rem;></sup>, a new innovative patented disinfectant technology for professional use. 

Citr-IQ<sup style=font-size:1.4rem;></sup> is a synergistic blend of ingredients that effectively kills pathogens using one of nature’s primary antimicrobials, citric acid, while remaining gentle on users, materials, and the environment. By harnessing the natural disinfectant power of citric acid, Citr-IQ<sup style=font-size:1.4rem;></sup> maintains the balance of efficacy and safety that Virox antimicrobial technologies are known for while advancing performance in sustainability and material compatibility.  

“As a research driven company, we are committed to innovating, developing, and improving sustainable disinfectants that allow our users to reduce their environmental impact while providing a superior efficacy and safety profile that disrupts the status quo,” says Randy Pilon, Virox President and CEO. “I challenged our Research & Development team with further advancing our product safety, efficacy, and sustainability beyond that of AHP, and they delivered. Citr-IQ<sup style=font-size:1.4rem;></sup> truly represents the next chapter in Virox innovation.” 

When asked why citric acid was chosen as an active ingredient, Faraz Alderson, Virox Chief Science Officer, explains, “As a natural compound, citric acid’s characteristics met our stringent criteria of delivering unmatched safety and microbial potency and providing the dual action of cleaning and disinfecting. It was the perfect natural compound to develop our formulations with.”  

Citr-IQ<sup style=font-size:1.4rem;></sup>’s synergistic chemistry is powerful enough to eliminate pathogens of concern, and its superior compatibility makes it safer for numerous surfaces and devices and allows for eco-friendly material and packaging options. Further expanding its sustainability profile, the ingredients in Citr-IQ<sup style=font-size:1.4rem;></sup> are biodegradable and non-toxic, having no negative impact on the environment.  

“We’ve enhanced the safe and natural disinfecting properties of citric acid to engineer a technology that outperforms other hospital grade disinfectants on the market,” says Lee Nesbitt, Executive Vice President of Commercial Markets. “We have not compromised in its development but have focused on strengthening the ideal disinfectant attributes that set our innovations apart. We are excited to be announcing our new patented technology and working to bring Citr-IQ<sup style=font-size:1.4rem;></sup> to Infection Preventionists and their facilities.”  

Virox’s new Citr-IQ<sup style=font-size:1.4rem;></sup> disinfectant technology is patented and proven effective against pathogens of concern, including SARS-CoV2, ESBLs, Norovirus, and Candida auris, and is the first citric acid-based tuberculocidal disinfectant with a contact time of ≤1-minute. Several Citr-IQ<sup style=font-size:1.4rem;></sup> formulations are currently going through regulatory approval by the US EPA and Health Canada, and professionals can anticipate their arrival in late 2023.  

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About Virox Technologies Inc.

Virox Technologies Inc. is a disruptive chemical engineering and disinfectant innovator who set a new standard in disinfection in 1998 with the patented technology, Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide®. Since then, we have continued to innovate and deliver the world’s safest, most effective, and eco-conscious disinfectants and elevate the understanding of proper disinfection and infection prevention. Our trusted technologies and products are relied on in more than 70 countries across human and animal health industries, eliminating dangerous pathogens and providing a safer and greener alternative for people, animals and the planet.

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